Bahirwali UAE Welfare Association (Buwa) was form by the residence of Bahirwali who work in the UAE, the aim of the association was to help fellow brothers back home with Infrastructural Development and with monitory help (click).

The committee which is the most organized and disciplined among the Kokni Muslims, aimed at helping its members and poor people of the Bahirwali No. 1.Construction of Mosque is among the bigest project undertaken and finished successfully by Buwa under the leadership and influence of Mr. Mukhtar Ali Chougle and Mr. Azad Abbas Chougle.It has an broad objective not just for people in Bahirwali but also for the members (visit).


Monthly Notice

Buwa committee meeting for the month of October will be held at the  residence of Mr.Salam Chougle in Dubai on 14th, for further Details please contact  Mr. Salam.